Radical Team Building

Have you ever noticed that whenever you find someone who profoundly agrees with your beliefs there is a strong tendency to lift them up. Recently I found a young, bright and assertive woman I like how she thinks. Her name is Emma McIlroy. She is the CEO of Wildfang. Here is a wonderful quote of hers that I profoundly agree with.

“It takes a village to create anything great…surround yourself with people who care as much as you and are willing to work as hard as you — your momentum will be unstoppable.”

THE CHURCH & EVERY PASTOR should take specific notice of this “team building” philosophy.

Can we stop putting people (warm bodies) in roles or positions they have no passion for or the capacity to accomplish????

When teamwork….radical teamwork….is the foundation and passion of committed believers….amazing things will happen. The following video speaks clearly to this point. https://youtu.be/JHXNaYoguNU


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