“Gone with the Wind” gives clues to Human Genome

By: Rev. Ed Schneider

Recently I joyously found myself in an advanced state of intellectual excitement.  What caused all the excitement?  I and a few others were discussing the incredible advances continuing to be unveiled relating to the human genome. As we were debating the expansive usage of dissecting and mapping the intricate details of genome sequencing and how the applications of medical science may benefit by the new knowledge, I blurted out to those present, “God is truly amazing“!  My friends were more than a little surprised. Right in the middle of a discussion concerning biological/chemical sequencing I had the nerve to openly “praise” God’s genius.  One of my friends asked how in the world could you possibly bring God into this discussion? My response was, “How can you not acknowledge the obvious evidence of The Divine?”  For me, The Divine (or whatever you may have come to understand as “God”) has created….and continues to create… all that is known and unknown. The Almighty (or whatever you have come to rationalize as that which initiated life) has provided overwhelming evidence of ultimate genius in the diversity of all created life and how that “life” has been set in motion.

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance,  Proverbs 1:5 

Even though there are many superficial differences within the process of creating life, there are also many similarities that cannot be denied. The difference in the genome strands of a dog and a human are only about 25 percent. The difference between all human beings is a fraction of 1% at best. Then there was the recent discovery of only 78 identifiable distinctions amid the thousands that have already been identified between men and women. I wonder why God allowed these differences to develop? I wonder why science has taken so long to further our understanding regarding the differences between males and females? If you ask me, I would have simply showed all of the scientists the movie, “Gone with the Wind.” Most of the differences would have been made crystal clear.

Ah – “Gone with the Wind.” What a great movie! It has everything anyone could ever want in movie entertainment. It has action, drama, comedy, romance, tragedy and triumph. What a wonderful course of human study the movie industry has become. At times, they will lead the societal consciousness and at other times they seem to be led by the whims of current popular cultural distinctions. Let some great event, whether good or bad, occur and the movie industry will miraculously produce a movie about it in short order.

There is another interesting component of the movie industry. It involves the understanding of the seemingly innate differences between demographic sectors of the world around us. If it’s Valentine’s Day, you can be assured that there will inevitably be several romantic comedies ready to be seen. Let summertime be in full bloom and you will have plenty of movies for 14 to 18 year-olds to keep them busy and interested until school starts. The psychologists who are employed by the movie executives are fully aware that men and women are drawn to a particular movie for different reasons. One may lean toward action and less dialogue while another may find introspective screen conversations, soft colors, and panoramic scenery more appealing. It is a rare movie that can appeal to both men and women of differing ages or cultural/racial identities.

Gone-With-the-Wind-gone-with-the-wind-4369633-1024-768The other day my wife and I were watching “Gone with the Wind” again and came to one of the many scenes that have left lasting memories. For those of you who are familiar with this great cinematic creation¸ picture in your mind’s imaginative center the scene of Rhett (Clark Gable) and Scarlett (Vivian Leigh) at Aunt Pitty’s house in Atlanta shortly after the death of Scarlett’s husband. Rhett shows up with a new green hat from Paris for Scarlett in an attempt to lift her spirits. As he is giving her the new bonnet, she walks over to the mirror, looks at the inside of the hat, and proceeds to (on purpose) turn the hat around. After placing it on her head in the opposite direction as it was originally intended she turns around and says to Rhett in the most southern drawl she can muster, “How dah-I look?” Rhett tells her she looks terrible, rises from his chair, and goes across the room to turn the bonnet back into the right position. My wife started to bellow with laughter at Scarlett’s ineptness in trying on the new headwear, while I on the other hand, immediately perceived the leading lady as being completely manipulative as she provides the motivation for Rhett to come over to her.

As I went about my day, I asked several folks about the scene in question, and without exception, every man who was familiar with the scene thought the same as I did, and likewise, every woman thought the same as my wife. While thinking to myself about what the day’s experience had brought, and also trying not to be politically or socially inept – much less scientifically void of accuracy – I continued to wonder about God’s creative genius. I wondered what those 78 gene sequences which differentiate between men and women actually mean? Even though this was a fairly large discovery, I wondered if I, in my meager way, could offer a few anecdotal differences that may add to the list.

So, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, here is my list of some of the major differences between men and women that may assist the scientists in their work. Although these following 9 items of observation are anecdotal and not part of the accepted 78 identifiable distinctions between the sexes, I am absolutely sure they can be helpful in determining the “scientific” differences between males and females. I’ll let you judge whether they may help you or not.

  1. Women put important items on the bottom of the stairway to carry upstairs later. Men, on the other hand, just walk over them until someone else tells them to look down and carry them up.
  2. Men thoroughly understand the importance of a 50-inch flat screen plasma TV. Women look at the price and do not.
  3. Women have a gene that seems to effortlessly remind them about anniversaries, birthdays and appointments. Men remember what time lunch is.
  4. For women 2:30 a.m. is the perfect time to talk about feelings and relationship issues. Men understand with great clarity that 2:30 a.m. is the perfect time to continue sleeping.
  5. Women have the innate ability to sense the subtleties of life and then spend a considerable amount of time thinking about them. Men seem to need explanations produced verbally in CAPITAL LETTERS before the message has a chance of getting through.
  6. Men are great at starting a sentence while women are tremendous at finishing it for them.
  7. A woman can notice an attractive man and nobody is the wiser. Men, on the other hand, just simply stare as if they have no sense at all.
  8. Women can think for hours about a shopping list and then go about the task of efficiently completing the task at hand. Men will leave the car running as the scurry into the store attempting an adventure of seek and destroy with no need to plan or prepare, then throw the money at the checkout counter, dive back into the car, and make a quick get-a-way.
  9. Finally, the biggest difference between men and women that relies completely on “scientific” observation is that women can recall every outfit they have worn for the last two months, while men have difficulty remembering what they were wearing yesterday without looking at the pile of clothes on the bedroom floor.

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